Business Coach

Brian Corrion has been called a cereal entrepreneur. Since the age of 13 he has always worked independently toward building and growing a business of one sort or another. Brian’s keen out of the box thinking has put him on the top of what ever he has done. Most are brought up on what you can’t do in life, Brian will enforce what you can do along with giving you the skills and tools to achieve the dream you in vision & ability to see opportunity.

Over the past 20 years Brian has created or honed eleven companies that all stemmed from opportunities that others did not see or that he could do better.

As an example, while finishing college he took a part time job selling snow ski equipment in West Palm Beach FL. ( a story of its own). The delivery service that the store was using was over two weeks behind after the holiday shopping season. Brian created the relationship with store management to allow him to market his services for the stores needs to keep a happy customer.

Two years later Brian was deliverying for 8 stores from West Palm to Miami with 3 trucks on the road and 7 full time employees. This type of business has you meeting a lot of different people everyday who all need something moved in addition to there original purchase. Thus more Opportunity. Request the opportunity to work with Brian Corrion to help achieve the dream.